Volunteer Opportunities for In-Person Worship

Thank you for volunteering for in-person worship. Currently, we need 16 volunteers for each in-person service we offer. We are asking for a one-month commitment so we can adequately plan for all services.

We are asking all volunteers to arrive 10 minutes prior to opening for each service. All volunteers will need to be comfortable enforcing proper PPE & social distancing policies with all guests. Face mask covering the mouth & nose will be required at all times, even if you are outside.

Please read through the volunteer opportunities below and sign up using the form at the bottom of the page. If you have questions, please contact Tracey Spann at 502-245-9793, ext. 101 or [email protected].


Check-In Table Attendants
Check-In Table Attendants will check-in guests who registered online or over the phone. Guest will provide you with their name and the number in their party. Confirm reservation & number of people. This position will require sitting or standing for 20-30 minutes.


Communion Table Attendants
Communion Table Attendants will offer each guest a communion bag prior to entering the sanctuary. Each guest will receive their own bag. We offer regular and gluten-free. This position will be required to wear latex or non-latex gloves (provided). This position will require sitting or standing for 20-30 minutes.


Outside Greeters
Outside Greeters will assist with directing individuals entering the building and addressing questions. This position will ensure all persons have a mask covering their mouth and nose and offering a friendly “hello” or “so glad to see you back”. If a guest forgets their mask, one will be made available. Greeters will be located outside, in front of the main foyer doors. This person will need to be comfortable having short conversations and chatting. This position will require standing for 30-45 minutes.


Sanctuary Ushers
Sanctuary Ushers will seat guests and assist with dismissal at the end of service. During dismissal, 4 ushers will assist with dismissal and 2 ushers will be stationed at the back doors to offer a word of thanks for attending and to ensure guests properly dispose of communion trash. Additionally, offering baskets will be stationed at the back as guests leave. The 2 ushers stationed in the back will need to monitor baskets. This position will require standing and walking for 30-45 minutes.


Temperature Scanners
Temperature Scanners will scan each guest’s forehead as they enter the building. MCC will not document scanned temperatures, only confirm temp is 99.7 or lower. Depending on the line to enter, this person could be walking or standing. This position will require standing or walking for 20-30 minutes.