Why We Give

Jesus calls us to live a life of generous discipleship. We aspire to Outrageous Generosity: sacrificial living that puts the needs of others ahead of self. We recognize no real spiritual growth can occur in our lives until we surrender every part of our lives, including our money and possessions. As his followers, Jesus expects us to be sacrificial in our giving, reflecting his ways in the things we do, the places we go and the choices we make.

Other Ways to Give

We make giving easy and provide several options for donating. Choose the method that works for you and start partnering with us to connect people to the love of Christ. You can make a one time gift or establish a pattern of regular giving.

Give from your phone by texting a donation amount to 877-335-3247 and following the prompts.

Make a hassle-free donation through our online giving page. You can make a one-time gift or establish a pattern of regular giving.

Gifts are received at all worship services and offering envelopes will be available. You may place your donation in the trays as they are passed or bring your offering forward during communion.

Our administrative team is happy to receive your gifts, as well. You may drop your donation off in the front office, in the lockbox outside the office, or return it in the mail to:

500 North Watterson Trail
Louisville, KY 40243

Yes, we accept stock donations. People often donate stock because you can donate more money with stock than cash. If you sold the stock and then donated the cash, you would likely first have to pay long-term capital gains tax on the amount the sale generated, depending on your tax bracket. If you are interested in donating stock, please have your broker contact [email protected] or 245-9793.

You can become a Legacy Endowment Disciple by making the decision to include the church your estate planning. The Legacy Endowment Fund supports three areas of ministry that are vital to our future: our mission in the world, our support for children and youth, and our support of our property and grounds. If you would like more information, contact Eva Bush at [email protected].

Yes, you can. Middletown Christian Church is a qualified charity because we are a 501(c)(3) organization. How can I set up a QCD or RMD? Funds must be transferred directly from the IRA to an eligible charity by the IRA trustee in order to qualify for the tax break. If you withdraw the money from your IRA and later donate it, it won’t qualify as a tax-free qualified charitable distribution. Your financial professional can set up the transfer for you. What else do I need to know about making a QCD or RMD donation to Middletown Christian Church? It’s important to make sure your name appears on the check, so we know the donation is from you. If you are considering making QCD or RMD donation, please consult your tax professional or financial advisor for all the details. Contact Eva Bush at [email protected] or 245-9793 if you have questions.


Your giving makes ministry at Middletown possible – resourcing missions in the community and the world, providing salaries for our ministry and support staff, resourcing life-changing ministries, and maintaining our beautiful campus. Ten percent of all general fund giving goes to support ministries and partnership efforts outside the church, in the community and in the world.

All gifts received go directly to the general fund, unless a different designation is noted.

Designated gifts for other purposes are accepted as well. For more information about designated gifts, contact Eva Bush at [email protected].

Interim giving statements are emailed at the end of each quarter. Please review this statement carefully and contact Eva Bush at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns. An annual giving statement is emailed in January. If you wish to receive hard-copy statements, please contact Lisa Helfrich at [email protected] or 245-9793.

Contact Lisa at [email protected] or 245-9793 to request giving envelopes.

We’re here to help and happy to assist. Contact Eva Bush at [email protected] or 245-9793.