Living Out the Love of Christ by Embracing People Where They Are

Middletown Christian Church is a faith community that recognizes and affirms that all people are made in the image of God.

We welcome people of every race, gender identity, age, physical and mental ability, sexual orientation, economic circumstance, faith background, and political affiliation to participate fully in the life of our church.

The sacraments of baptism, communion, marriage, ordination, and parent/child dedications are open to everyone. We value a diversity of beliefs and are committed to real conversations as we share life together in this community.

Wherever you find yourself on your faith journey, you are welcome here.


Our Values

Radical Love
Sharing the unconditional love, grace, and forgiveness that God offers to all people

Freedom of Belief
Creating a space that encourages questions and faith exploration through prayer and study of Scripture

Sacrificial Service
Reflecting the life of Christ in the way we live, the places we go, and the choices we make

Real Conversations
Growing together with openness, honesty, and transparency

Infectious Community
Sharing life together in grace-filled relationships


What We Believe

Middletown Christian Church has a rich history of reaching out and being God’s healing hands in the community and in the lives of people. MCC was founded in 1836, just down the road on Old Main Street on the site that currently houses Summit Academy. The congregation relocated to its current site in the fall of 1999.

Our congregation is part of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), a community of about 700,000 Christians and 3,700 congregations across the United States and Canada, whose stated purpose is to be “a movement for wholeness in a fragmented world.” To learn more about this denomination, visit

We Believe…

God is the creator and sustainer of all life, and every human being is created in God’s image.

Jesus Christ is the savior of the world, the son of the living God, and that a personal relationship with Christ transforms lives.

The Holy Spirit is available to all people and is responsible for the inspiration and energy to accomplish all things within the church.

God continues to speak to us through the Bible, and we are devoted to the study of the scriptures for discerning God’s will for our lives.

In baptism by immersion when a person is old enough to make that decision on their own, although we honor other baptismal traditions.

The Lord’s Supper is the central experience of worship and is open to all.

That becoming a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ is a goal every Christian should strive for, and that it’s a lifelong process.

In freedom and diversity in Christian thought and interpretation, guided by the Bible, the Holy Spirit, study, and prayer.


Founded almost two centuries ago in historic Middletown and currently located less than a mile from our first home, our church has a rich history of community involvement that still thrives today. Through worship, service and just getting together, we offer a place where folks can be themselves and be guaranteed a warm welcome.

Meet Our Staff

Our church is blessed with a talented team of ministers and staff who are called to do God’s work. We can’t wait to meet you!