Living Out the Love of Christ by Embracing People Where They Are

That’s what we’re all about. Our understanding of God’s love that we see in Christ is that it’s big enough, wide enough, and strong enough to handle your past, your present, your questions, your doubts, and your future. God’s love can heal us and put each of us back together. So come on in.


Our Values

Radical Love
Sharing the unconditional love, grace, and forgiveness that God offers to all people

Freedom of Belief
Creating a space that encourages questions and faith exploration through prayer and study of Scripture

Sacrificial Service
Reflecting the life of Christ in the way we live, the places we go, and the choices we make

Real Conversations
Growing together with openness, honesty, and transparency

Infectious Community
Sharing life together in grace-filled relationships

Marks of a Disciple

Intimacy with God
“Have I met with Christ today?”

Crossing Boundaries
“Have I embraced someone different from me?”

Good News to the Poor
“Where am I good news?”

Outrageous Generosity
“What am I giving up?”

Accountable Relationships
“Who’s on my speed dial?”

Christ Likeness
“Who saw Christ in me today?”’



Founded almost two centuries ago in historic Middletown and currently located less than a mile from our first home, our church has a rich history of community involvement that still thrives today. Through worship, service and just getting together, we offer a place where folks can be themselves and be guaranteed a warm welcome.

Meet Our Staff

Our church is blessed with a talented team of ministers and staff who are called to do God’s work. We can’t wait to meet you!