photo for Imago Dei Week Two

Imago Dei Week Two

Scriptures: John 9:1-3, Mark 10:46-52 Building on last week’s message that focused on the importance of recognizing that we have all been made in the image and likeness of God,…

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photo for Holy Shift Week 6

Holy Shift Week 6

In one of his most miraculous acts, Jesus raises his friend Lazarus back to life after four days. He does so by calling Lazarus to come out of his tomb.

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photo for Holy Shift Week 5

Holy Shift Week 5

After catching a woman in the act of adultery, some religious leaders brought her to Jesus and asked him if she should be stoned to death, as the law required.

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photo for Holy Shift Week 3

Holy Shift Week 3

Scripture: John 4:4-42 Whether the source is internal or external, feelings of shame can be among the most difficult of human emotions. Through an encounter with Jesus, a woman who…

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photo for Holy Shift Week 2

Holy Shift Week 2

Scripture: Mark 5 In Mark chapter 5, we find three stories of life-changing encounters with Jesus. The common thread: all were dealing with tremendous suffering. Suffering that caused them to…

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