The Purpose of TLC

Elementary Literacy Support Program: Building Literacy Skills for Children in the Middletown Area

The Learning Center program has two specific purposes:

  • For the student to feel known and valued as a unique individual through the student/mentor relationship,
  • To enhance the student’s skills and fluency as both a reader and a writer by engaging the student in a safe, supportive, and risk-free environment

Benefits of TLC

  • Improves student’s attitude toward school
  • Improves student’s self-esteem
  • Provides students with one-on-one literacy support with trained mentor
  • Enhances student’s enjoyment of reading and writing
  • Increases student’s strategies for reading and writing
  • Increases student’s confidence as a reader and writer

Who We Serve

The Learning Center at Middletown serves students in the regular classroom program, grades 1st through 5th, who attend Middletown Elementary or Jane Hite Elementary. Volunteers (mentors) work one-on-one with students to develop a caring, supportive relationship while engaging in literacy activities (reading, writing, speaking, and listening).

TLC Timeline

TLC begins in October and continues through April. Students meet on Wednesdays from 4 to 6 PM.

TLC follow the JCPS calendar. When school is not in session on Wednesday (e.g., snow days, vacation days, professional development, parent-conference days), TLC is cancelled also.

Additional Questions?

For more information about TLC or to volunteer, contact Cindy Bradley at [email protected] or Susan Thurman at [email protected].

The Learning Center is free!

Elementary students in the regular classroom setting from Middletown or Jane Hite Elementary whose teachers, administrators, and/or the Family Resource and Youth Services (FRYSC) coordinator feel will benefit from the TLC program.

TLC will provide transportation from the school to Middletown Christian Church. Parents or guardians are responsible for picking their child up from Middletown Christian Church.

The legal parent/guardian will need to complete the registration paperwork that is available through the Family Resource Center director at Middletown or Jane Hit Elementary School.

Upon arrival at TLC, students will receive a light snack as they converse with mentors.

Students will then engage in three 20-minute literacy segments:

  1. Reading time
  2. Writing time
  3. Skills time (including homework, as appropriate)

Yes. Students need to bring a good attitude, a willingness to participate in literacy activities, and their backpack with the student’s homework, if applicable.

TLC provides materials and supplies to engage students in learning activities.