Since 1836, God has been doing incredible things through the ministries of Middletown Christian Church. While it is good to celebrate all that has been, now is the time to prepare for what will be. If we are open to following God’s call and are all willing to do our part in getting there, even greater things are yet to come.

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This worship and small group series begins Sunday, October 23rd.

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Series Outline

Scripture: John 1:43-50

When Jesus called Nathaniel to become one of his disciples, Nathaniel was skeptical. He even wondered if “anything good” could come out of Nazareth. After Jesus performed a sign, Nathaniel was impressed enough to say yes to the call. But as impressive as the sign was, Jesus promised that Nathaniel would see even greater things. What was true for Nathaniel is true for us today if we will follow Nathaniel’s example and become true disciples.

Scripture: Acts 4:32-37

According to the book of Acts, the Christians in the early church wholeheartedly devoted themselves to God and each other. They cared for each other so well that everyone’s needs were met. This radical vision of what the Church can look like is inspiring and intimidating. What inspired those early Christians to give so generously? And how can their example shape today’s church?

Scripture: Matthew 25:34-40

Sometimes caring for our community can feel overwhelming. The issues are too big, the problems are too deep, and we wonder, “what can I do to help any of it?” In 2023 we are going to focus on answering the call of Matthew 25.

Scripture: Philippians 2:5-8

Generosity is at the heart of Christianity. Jesus demonstrated this throughout his ministry, and the bulk of scripture does the same. That said, do you understand what generosity really is and why it is essential to our faith? The answer has the power to change our lives, our church, and even the world.

Scripture: Matthew 14:22-32

As we bring our 2023 generosity series to a close, we explore the story of Jesus inviting Peter to walk on the water. While familiar, the message behind that story says a lot about what it means to live out our faith in a spirit of true generosity. If you have not already done so, please consider filling out a 2023 estimate of giving card by bringing one to worship this Sunday. You can also fill out a card by visiting our website.