People in our city need more than sermons and songs. They hunger for grace. They seek open-minded groups that value them as people. They need a church that’s committed to meeting their physical and spiritual needs. Embrace Louisville was a three-year effort to eliminate our church’s debt so we can focus more on meeting those needs. The Embrace campaign ended on December 31, 2018. As of January 3rd 2019, our remaining debt balance of around $683,000, down from $3.9 million at the beginning of the Embrace campaign.

Habitat For Humanity

In 2016, we sponsored our first home through Habitat for Humanity. Through a series of “build days,” our church members worked hard to bless one of our members with a home he can call his own. Bryan Greenwell’s home was dedicated in July 2016, just four months after we “raised the roof.” Bryan is a father of three and suffered a stroke a few years ago. With the support of his family, friends and small group Bryan has, in his own words, relearned how to “be a person.”

In 2017, we partnered with The Fuller Center for Housing of Louisville to renovate a home for a family. Louisville is The Fuller Center’s leader in the Save a House/Make a Home initiative, in which banks and investors relieve themselves of vacant properties they consider “toxic assets” by donating them to the Fuller Center, where they are restored and once again filled with a family.

Buddy Break

Sometimes, special needs children need time with friends. Sometimes, their caregivers need breaks. We partner with Nathaniel’s Hope for Buddy Break, a free program that offers special needs kids the chance to be social. They enjoy activities, snacks and games under the watchful eyes of trained volunteers so caregivers can relax.

Global Leadership Summit

If God has called you to lead, The Global Leadership Summit will help you do it best. Each year, hundreds of thousands of people tune into this broadcast from Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago. They learn about methods of providing for the poor, comforting the hurting, helping youth, fighting injustice, and more. We serve as the Louisville host site to nurture local leaders and to encourage spiritual growth.

Want to Make an Impact?

If you want to help change lives across the city of Louisville consider giving to Embrace Louisville.