What Is A Spiritual Crisis?

No one wants a spiritual crisis, but everyone needs one. Spiritual crises occur throughout our lives when we experience an event or circumstances that shift the ground our faith is built on. Spiritual crises are an opportunity for spiritual progress–a widening of the soul and opening of the heart. Spiritual crises help us cultivate humility and compassion.

About This Study

During the season of Lent, we will walk through this study together as a church. This church-wide study begins on March 10th, 2019, but you and your group can start any time that works for you.

This five session small group study explores five common questions that people have about God, the Bible, and the life of faith. This study is best experienced with other people, so consider inviting a few friends to go through the study guide with you. Sermons will be available each week during this study, but the guide can be used without listening to the sermons.

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Listen to sermons in this series here.

Sunday Night Deep Dives | 5:30 PM, Sanctuary

On Sunday nights at 5:30 PM, David Emery will answer your questions, talk with special guests, and dive deeper into the week’s topic. This informal gathering will meet in the Sanctuary.