A whole new world

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Preston Neal got his first pair of glasses a few weeks ago. His mom told me that he was self-conscious about wearing them.  At church on Sunday I showed him my glasses and let him try them on.

I remember how awkward it was for me when I got my first pair of glasses in the second grade. But it was worth it, because it opened up a whole new world for me. School had been a big struggle because I could not see the blackboard.  Immediately it became a lot easier and even fun at times. Seeing made all of the difference.
It also makes a big difference in how we interact with people too. Sometimes we look at people without really seeing them.  They hand us a cup of coffee but we cannot see them. They stand next to us in the elevator but we cannot see them. We pass them in the hall at work but we cannot see them. We may even live in the same home with them but cannot see them either.
This weekend we’re going to hear about a religious leader who had bad eyesight. He could see well enough to read the scriptures but when it came to people he was essentially blind.  My observation: people who can read the Bible, but can’t see people, can bring a lot of pain in the world. This was a significant  concern for Jesus who had perfect vision. This weekend I will be preaching Luke 7:36-50 and it might just open up a whole new world for us.
See you Sunday,