What I love most about Easter

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Good Morning!
What I love most about Easter is surprising people.
Every Easter people go to church and expect nothing to happen. They go to church because someone invited them. They go to church because it makes mom happy, or it’s something they do on Christmas Eve and Easter. Sometimes they go because someone bribed them.
Then they hear a message that turns their world upside down. They hear a message that actually touches their life. They hear a message that gives them hope in some area of their life. They hear a message of love when they think the church is a mean place.
It happens every Easter.
And, I never get tired of surprising people with the good news of Easter.
No matter how dark their life may be, God can reach them. No matter how low they are, God can pick them up. No matter how badly things have gone, their life can change. No matter how disappointed, angry, or sad they are, there is a love that is greater than the bad stuff life can bring.
I believe that message, because I have  been watching God change lives for 30 years. The marriage that gets healed. The depression that is overcome. The hollow heart that gets filled. The hurt that gets healed. The offense that is forgiven.
And every Easter I hear from people who were surprised.
It sent them down a new path. It gave them the hope to not give up.  They met a God who is real. It was when their life began to change.
It does not matter if they like me. It does not matter if they like our church. What matters is they meet Jesus. Easter is about Jesus. It always has been, and always will be.
I love Jesus!
This Sunday I am preaching about When Life Makes Faith Hard. The message is called Hope Rising. Inviting a guest is one of the best things you could do for a friend.
Happy Easter,
P.S. If you are traveling this Easter you can catch the sermon online or by subscribing to the podcast: https:/https:/https://middletownchristian.orgsermons/