What did I hear?

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On Sunday I was a participant, not a pastor. I sat in a pew and did not preach. What did I hear?

I heard VBS was beginning with 200 children and enough volunteers to fill every position. I heard the church sent 10 people to Auxier, Ky. to build a 92-foot wheel chair ramp. I saw a photo of them sitting on the completed ramp with big grins on their faces. I heard we are sending a team of 9 to build a playground in Honduras next week. They are taking 11 bins of medical supplies and other goodies with them on the plane. I heard we’re filling backpacks with school supplies for children who will need them in the fall.  I heard we’re hosting a Global Leadership Summit for people in our community soon. I heard our members are volunteering to make it a wonderful event. I heard a young couple say they have been visiting the church for a month. They are looking for a church to strengthen their life together. I heard a wonderful first sermon by our youth minster Corey Miller. I laughed and cried. When he finished I heard applause and cheers from a church that loves supporting its young ministers.  I heard children crying in the back of the sanctuary. It may bother some preachers, but I’m not sure why it would. Babies crying in church means the church is alive.
I heard so many wonderful things, and when worship was over I heard one more thing. Perhaps it was in my imagination. Or perhaps something from the heavenly realms.  But I thought I heard a voice say, “Count Your Blessings!”

This weekend you’re going to hear a sermon on John 6:60-70. I don’t have a title for the sermon yet.  All I can say at this point is that following Jesus is not easy, sometimes his message is hard too understand, and it seems to boil down to one word, “trust.”

See you in Church,