The Other Lunch Challenge

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Last weekend I preached a message called “It Feels Like Hate is Winning” and you can listen to it here. I hope you will listen and forward it to as many people as possible. More than anything, I want to encourage you to take The Other Lunch Challenge that I gave in the message, and I want to hear what happened when you did.

Often, the challenge in a message does not make it out of the parking lot, never makes it beyond Sunday lunch, and then it’s another sermon and another challenge that gets left behind. SO, WILL YOU TAKE THE OTHER LUNCH CHALLENGE?

The basic idea is to find someone who is different from you, thinks different than you, looks different than you, and take them to lunch and get to know them, what they care about and why. You may want to take them to lunch more than once to get to know them.

More than just this, I want you to take this challenge and spread it everywhere, and challenge other people to do it too. Post the challenge to the social media that you use and talk about what you are doing. Ask your friends and family to take the challenge and tell their story too.

So, here’s your challenge…

The Other Lunch Challenge

Take someone to lunch who has a different view of religion, politics, sports, sexual orientation, race, abortion, climate change, immigration, gun control, the death penalty. Invite an evangelical Christian, liberal Christian, atheist … anyone who is on the other side from you. It could be someone of a different race or religion too.

The purpose is not to convince them of anything or to defend anything you believe, but to get to know them, and why they believe as they do. Share personal life experiences, and talk about your families, and seek to know who they are behind the issues. The purpose is making a connection.

And don’t forget to buy their lunch.

Then share your story with us at or on social media with the hashtag #mcchearmystory.


The Other Lunch Challenge comes from a TED talk delivered by Elizabeth Lesser and you can listen to it here.