The Bar is Closed

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Good morning…

There’s a craft beer brewery in Jeffersontown that used to be a church. I don’t know anything about the church, or why the congregation closed its door, but a place of worship has  become a place where beer is brewed and consumed. The pews have been replaced with high top tables, the altar with a bar and several taps. The stained glass is all that remains.On the weekend it has food trucks and is packed with people. It’s sad to think a brewery has more energy than the church once did.

There is a relevant connection with the message for the weekend. The Disciples were accused of being drunk in the opening of Acts. Jerusalem was packed with pilgrims from all over the world who were there for a festival and that’s where it happened. The Holy Spirit came and filled the disciples. They rushed out into the streets preaching the good news about Jesus in different languages. People were amazed by what was happening and some accused the Disciples of being drunk.  Peter then told the crowd that they were not drunk because the bars were closed. He then preached a sermon so powerful that 3000 people accepted Christ and was baptized. The disciples were filled with the spirit but not the distilled kind.

The Holy Spirit is the presence of Jesus that comes and lives inside of us. It gives us the energy and the inspiration and power to accomplish His mission in the world. It transformed a group of scared disciples into bold witnesses that took the Gospel to the ends of the earth. Without the Holy Spirit, the church dies and it’s better off just being re-purposed into a bar. This weekend I am going to tell this story in Acts 2 and talk about the power of the Holy Spirit. The message is called They’re just drunk, that’s all! I can’t wait!

I love our church,
David Emery