photo for Greg Lang

Greg Lang

I have always liked playing music to praise God… Through all the bad times and the good times, nothing beats playing drums for a church to lead people in the…

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photo for Liz Welsh

Liz Welsh

The music ministry provides me an opportunity to use my God given talents to experience and spread joy while glorifying our maker. Our ministry is for individuals of all ages and of…

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photo for Jackie Wilham

Jackie Wilham

The sound that comes out of my mouth can best be described as a joyful noise that is usually on pitch; but being called to share that sound of joy,…

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photo for Tracey Clayton

Tracey Clayton

This church chooses love instead of judgment. We love people wherever they are and introduce them to a God that is a loving God.

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photo for Susan Moore

Susan Moore

Middletown gives you the space to doubt, to question, to wonder, to probe, to ask the hard questions that nobody really wants to hear and gives you the space to…

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