Such a beautiful morning

Before dawn I took a walk in the moonlight this week.  It was as beautiful a morning as I could remember.

As I walked, my prayers had an energy attached to them. My thoughts were with my son who is starting a new chapter in his life. I prayed for Bill Wilson who left this morning for Houston. I prayed that our hearts will open up in new ways to Jesus. I asked God to use my next sermon series to speak to us. I prayed that we will grow in the knowledge of God through it.

This Sunday I’m beginning a new series on Paul’s letter to the Ephesians. It’s been called the Queen of the Epistles because of its beauty. I can’t say how long the series will last, only that I’m open to where God leads me. Each week I’m going to dig into some key thoughts Paul is making about Christ, and then make a practical application to our lives. For this weekend, I’m going to provide some basic information about Paul and the city of Ephesus. I’m calling this series Count Me In because Paul paints such a beautiful picture of the church it’s hard to resist. If you have a friend you have been wanting to invite to worship this would be the weekend to bring them with you.

See you Sunday,
David Emery

Last weekend I gave a congregational update during worship. I have attached a link to it here if you were not in attendance. Also, on behalf of our church Bill Wilson is leading a team of men from Wayside Christian Mission to do some clean-up work in Houston.

See You Sunday,
David Emery