Stop the Bible Studies!

Image for Stop the Bible Studies!

We should STOP HAVING BIBLE STUDIES at the church. Don’t you think it’s time we admitted that they don’t change much? Usually it’s just learning about the Bible and gathering more information about Jesus. Most of the time they don’t dig down into what we’re supposed to be doing. We keep it abstract. We debate it’s meaning.

I remember a Bible study about the rich man Jesus told to sell everything and give it to the poor. We debated the reasons he didn’t give it all away, the opportunity he passed up, and the regret he may have experienced.  BUT WE NEVER TALKED ABOUT OUR WEALTH.  We never drilled down into what it’s going to cost us to follow Jesus.  No real commitments were made to change anything. Someone wanted to know what the Greek word for “rich” was. Blooey! Blooey! Blooey! (A word I made up for “wasting time.”) In other words, we never talked about what Jesus was asking us to do. It was the same thing week after week. Just more talk and more information.

That’s why we need to START HAVING BIBLE DOINGS instead. At a Bible doing we read what God says to us and then we make a commitment to do something. We talk about what we need to change. No more safe abstract discussions. No keeping Jesus at a safe distance. Real life application for the real world. NO ONE IS SAFE AT A BIBLE DOING. Some transparency is required! David Emery does not need to gather any more information about Jesus. David Emery just needs to start following him. More transparency is necessary. What about you?

(The inspiration for this blog came from a book from Bob Goff called Love Does.)