A Special Bell Ringer

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I was not in the best frame of mind. It had been a long day with a few unexpected twists. I was tired and grumpy. Then I met a Salvation Army bell ringer outside the Plainview Kroger. She was singing Christmas Carols and at first it just irritated me. Singing carols a week before Thanksgiving should be a fine-able offense. But she was singing so badly that I had to smile, and then I just started to laugh at myself for being so grumpy. She didn’t care what people thought about her singing, or if anyone put any money her kettle. She just kept singing, ringing, and smiling at everyone who walked by.

Now it’s a week after Thanksgiving and she is still singing and still ringing. I don’t know her story. I don’t know why she’s ringing the bell. I know she will never win The Voice. But she made a difference for me. She reminded me how quickly a cheerful spirit can lift another person’s spirit. She reminded me that joy is infectious. She reminded me that I have so many reasons to sing.

When I asked her if I could take her picture to tell her story she told me that she sings because God is good. Love came down and touched me through a Salvation Army bell ringer. Her name is Danielle and most nights she you will find her singing in front of the Plainview Kroger. If you are grumpy get over to the Kroger to see her.