Slow Down

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I am learning many things reading John this summer.

Perhaps the most important thing is to slow myself down. Don’t be in such a hurry to get to the message.  Take your time and wander around the passage. Let the Word of God come to you as it comes to you.

This is not so easy for someone who can’t sit still very long, or who has a relentless deadline for a sermon every Sunday.

So, I have spent my time reading the same verses over and over again. Asking lots of questions. Putting myself in the stories. Discussing it with others. Digging into the history. Wrestling with the hard stuff.

And the result … a deepening trust in Jesus.

And also ..fresh insight, encouragement, confidence, and challenges.

I’ve been camping out in John 8:28-32 for a couple of weeks now, and I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned this Sunday.

I’m going to dig into the Jewish origins of the story. You’ll find out what they did with the priests old underwear. You’ll find out what happens when Jesus accuses his opponents of being sons of the devil. But mostly you are going to learn some beautiful truths about Jesus.

I think the message this weekend will be helpful to you. My prayer is that your trust in Jesus is deepening too.

See you Sunday,


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