When Trouble Comes

Discussion Questions

  1. What is your normal response when trials come into your life? Is it realistic to ask us to look for joy when trials come?
  2. How does viewing trials as opportunities for growth change how you face them?
  3. What kind of wisdom do you think James is encouraging us to ask for in verse 5? When has God answered your prayer for wisdom?
  4. Do you tend to trust God more or waver when trials come? What’s the difference between honest doubt and giving up on God?
  5. What do you think it means when James promises a crown to those who endure testing? (1:12)
  6. What truth did you hear in this message about trials? How will you apply it to your life?

Sermons from this Series

June 23, 2019
June 16, 2019
June 9, 2019
May 19, 2019

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