The Worship of an Honest Heart: Can We Trust God with Our Sorrow?

Discussion questions
1. Four times in Psalm 13, David asks, “How long will you forget me God?” What are some moments in life when you felt God had forgotten you? What thoughts bring sorrow to your heart?

2. David said he placed his trust in God during this difficult time. How does placing our trust in God get us through our most difficult, soul-searching seasons of life?

3. Psalm 88 ends with the writer saying that his only friend is darkness. This psalm of lament doesn’t resolve with the darkness lifting. Why do you think this psalm is included in the scriptures?

Resources: Dr. Gary Burge’s sermon, Willow Creek CC, 1/15/2014; Psalms by Walter Brueggemann; Encountering the Book of Psalms, Hassell Bock; Mark Goldstein, Congregation Adath Israel Broth Shalom; “A Psalm for Every Occasion” at

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