The Songs of Christmas: Mary’s Song

God did not wrap himself up in flesh, humbling himself to the point of birth in a stable and death on a cross, eating, laughing, weeping, and suffering as one of us, so that I can complain to management when a barista at Starbucks wishes me “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas.” ~Rachel Held Evans

Discussion Questions
1. What does it mean to magnify God? What does Mary’s song magnify about God? What do you want to magnify about God?
2. What qualities do you see in Mary that made her a good choice for God? Which of those qualities would benefit you most?
3. What’s the most hope-filled verse in Mary’s song? What’s the most disturbing verse in Mary’s song?
4. How does the theme of the “Great Reversal” turn us upside down? How does it impact the way we celebrate Christmas?

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