Raw and Unfiltered

This has been a tough week for so many reasons. I don’t want to pretend that it’s been anything else. My mind has been like an attic stuffed with all kinds of things. My brain has been scattered trying to figure out what to keep and what to discard. So I have just leaned into the gospel of John with all my heart. This Sunday I’m going share the life that is there. The sermon may be a mess but sometimes those raw and unfiltered messages are the best.

I can’t say anything else other than that God has always been faithful to me. He always whispers a word in my ear at the right time. My job is to just get out of the way and to share what I am hearing.  So I will keep giving myself to him and thanking him for loving me and for the way he always guides me.

God has amazing things in store for our church, and I just want to do the very best I can to serve him. I am so grateful to you and for the way that you serve Jesus and love him. This weekend I will share my final message in the gospel of John for the time being. Come with an open heart to God and one another. I am sure we will be amazed at the way he shows up. Nothing I can manufacture could possibly be better than what God can do.
See You Sunday,
David Emery