Optimism: The Ultimate Caffeine

Image for Optimism: The Ultimate Caffeine

Do you know who people want on their team at work? It’s the person who makes things happen. Ask her to take care of something and you never have to think about it again; you don’t have to wonder if she took care of it. Give her a problem to solve and she jumps in and finds a way to solve it. Ask her to do something really difficult that she has never done before and she replies, “No problem. We will find a way to get it done.” Who are these people? They are the optimists in the office. They show up with a smile every day. They encourage their coworkers. They don’t quit when things are hard.

What does this have to do with sharing your faith? Everything, because how we show up at work says so much about our faith. Our attitudes point people to the God we believe in.  Nothing does more damage than a negative Christian. Pessimism and cynicism just don’t make Jesus look good.

So why not just take this moment to ask God to re-frame the way you think about your job? Why not ask God to change your heart toward your co-workers? Why not ask God to help you see the possibilities in what seems impossible. And, here’s what I’ll do. I’ll buy you a milk shake if people don’t notice, and your energy level doesn’t improve. Optimism is the ultimate caffeine!