More Than an Offering

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A missionary was invited to preach at my former congregation. His small church was doing amazing work with meager resources. They were housing refugees from El Salvador, supplying an orphanage with rice and beans, supporting a medical mission built on a dump in Matamoras, Mexico, and so much more. Meanwhile, my congregation had many times the resources, but not as much to show for it as that small church.

So I challenged  our congregation to give the entire Sunday offering to the missionary. This set in motion an incredible chain of events. Some were excited. Others were mad. Many thought I had gone too far. Now I’m thinking I did not go far enough. Giving away the offering was letting us off easy. I should have given away the whole church. God did not want an offering. He wanted all of us. We saw outreach as a program. We saw it as an offering we made. But that small church was making a huge impact because they had committed themselves totally to the Lord.

So let’s not mess around. Let’s push all our chips to center of the table. God wants more than a weekend offering. God wants the whole thing.