Magic Eye

Image for Magic Eye

When I was a kid, I was never any good at those Magic Eye posters. You know, the ones where you put it up against your face, cross your eyes, and slowly move the picture back until a 3D image emerges. Apparently, seeing the 3D airplanes or dinosaurs took a talent I did not possess.

Sometimes I read scripture and it feels like a Magic Eye poster to me. Scripture is a living, breathing work with layers and layers of meaning and “3D images” just waiting to be discovered. In fact, when people stop at the surface and only look for literal application points, they’re missing out on what makes scripture so dynamic and amazing!

The scripture for this Sunday is one of those passages (Isaiah 64). I knew there were layers there, but I just couldn’t see them – though, admittedly, I never tried crossing my eyes. I set the passage aside for a few days, took an already planned trip to the mountains, and amidst the haze from wildfires, picked the passage back up.

And there it was. One connection place after another. That “3D image” was emerging. I’m excited to tell you about all the things God has been showing and teaching me this week. [Click here to hear my sermon.]