It’s hard for me to comprehend

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Dear MiddletownChristian
The faithfulness of Jesus is not dependent on our faithfulness.Our commitment to Jesus is sketchy, but he is fully committed to us.
He knew his disciples would fail him and goes to the cross for them anyway. When he returns he goes looking for them to forgive them and restore them. It’s a love and commitment that is hard for me to comprehend. It’s easy to love those who love me but not so easy when someone has hurt me.
I wish my love was as big and expansive and unconditional his love. But it is not! Put in his position and facing what he was facing I would have washed my hands of them and chosen an easier path. On Easter, I would have gone looking for some new disciples to follow me instead of the ones that failed me. I have done as much for lesser offenses than these. But he just kept loving them. He just kept going to them. He just kept choosing them. This is Gospel! 
It’s a love greater than our weakness. It’s a love greater than our failure. It’s a love that does not hold grudges. It’s a love that bears all things, believes all things, and hopes all things. It’s a love that keeps no record of wrongs. It’s a love that never fails. That’s the Gospel.
When I see that message lived out in the life of Jesus it’s irresistible.  I want to give my life to it. I want to be transformed by it.  It takes all that is wrong and broken and hurting and resentful in my heart and washes it clean. It’s the Gospel that I have been called to preach. It’s the air in my soul. The hope of the world.
This Sunday I’m starting there and going to a Thin Place that is completely unexpected. We are going to discover the God of the universe hung on a piece of wood on top of a garbage heap. Pray for me as I prepare for Sunday and I will pray for you.

See You Sunday,
P.S. Palm Sunday Message: Thin Places …Garbage Dumps.
Scripture: Mark 14:16-39

Coming up…Easter Sunday: Hope Rising: When Life Makes Faith Difficult