It’s Been 40 Years

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I believe that Jesus is the Christ, the son of God. He became my savior when I was 15. Everything good in my life goes back to that decision. I can’t imagine my life without Jesus, or where I would be today. Forty years have passed and he still loves me, forgives me, challenges me, and points me to God. I have worn out several Bibles, earned a Master of Divinity degree, and preached thousands of sermons about him. But, in the end, my faith is really very simple, Jesus loves me and I love him too. And my mission is as it has always been, to tell people about his unfailing love and faithfulness, so they will ask Jesus to be the savior of their life too. I want people to experience the abundance of life I have received from him. I want people to know what it’s like to have the Holy Spirit live in them.

In thinking about all of this, I was inspired to make a commitment for 2017. David Emery is going to preach with the passion of a new Christian, but with the wisdom of 40 years of knowing him. That’s why I’m going to kick off the New Year with a series of messages from I Peter called Wonderful Light. The book of 1 Peter is only a 105 verses but it is packed with an incredible message that is relevant and hope-filled and punch-you-in-the-gut challenging. Peter says that because of God’s great love for us we can live with expectation instead of dread about the future. So many people think the future is going to be worse than the present. But that’s not what Peter says about people who have Jesus as their savior. Fire up your heart, show up with your best self, and let’s see what the Holy Spirit wants to do.

To listen to sermons in this series, click here. Series runs from January 8-29.