Is Talent Overrated?

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I don’t hear audible voices telling me what God’s will is. I don’t get dramatic visible signs like burning bushes. Sure, God has spoken to me at different times. Usually it’s a gradual sense of awareness, or it comes to me through trial and error. So I tend to be somewhat leery of the person who sees signs everywhere and says “God told me” about the most mundane things. I’m even more hesitant when it appears they are just using God to get their way. I’m not doubting them or critiquing them, but it’s just not been like that for me. The most reliable way to hear from God is to read scripture, study the life of Jesus, spend time in silence, look for God in our obstacles, and pray.

So it’s with a lot of humility that I need to tell you that God has spoken to me. I believe that God cares more about a person’s character than their talent. God never said that to me directly, or wrote it in the clouds. But I think that talent is not what matters most to God. Okay, talent is a pretty big deal when you are trying to get something done. But a person’s character — the kind of person you are on the inside — is an even bigger deal to God. Do you live by your convictions even when they are unpopular? Do you have a humble servant’s heart? Do you have empathy and compassion? How hungry are you for God and his ways? Do you give your best effort when you show up?