Imagine Jesus Laughing

There are four Gospels, and how they each begin says a lot.

Each one has some kind of introduction, an encounter with John the Baptist that involves the baptism of Jesus, stories about how he recruited his disciples, and then something Jesus did to kick off his public ministry.

  • In Matthew, the first major event is the Sermon on the Mount, where he teaches a large crowd the basics about the Kingdom of God.
  • The first thing Jesus does in Mark is cast a demon out of a man, implying he will be liberating people from the forces that imprison them.
  • Jesus goes home in Luke to preach his first sermon, saying God anointed him to bring good news to the poor. It goes so poorly the hometown crowd attempts to throw him off a cliff.
  • In John, Jesus attends a wedding at the beginning. No healing, no preaching, no teaching. Just a wedding. More than that, Jesus doesn’t only attend the wedding, but he saves the day by turning water into wine.

It’s interesting that John starts there; that his first miracle would be making wine. Why?

I think John wants us to know Jesus was a fun person to be around. Who would invite a religious stick in the mud to their wedding? Hide your wineglass, stop the dancing, the preacher is here! Imagine Jesus laughing! Dancing with the bride! Making a toast to the happy couple! Even enjoying a glass of wine! God did not send him to the earth to be a Debbie downer. Jesus is a life giver, with an abundance of life to give, like 120 gallons or 60 cases or 2800 four ounce glasses of vintage wine.

This summer I am preaching a series of messages in the Gospel of John. Last week it was about what happens when the wedding does not go as planned. This week you’ll hear what happens when the local ministerial association sends a delegate to check him out. This story in John 3:1-15 had a huge impact on my life and still does. Can’t wait!

See you Sunday,

P.S. The sermon last weekend includes several other reasons Jesus went to a wedding. You can listen to the sermon Water into Wine here.  The summer series is From His Abundance

“From His abundance we have all received one gracious blessing after another.”  John 1:16 NLT