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Whether we believe in it or not, whether we like to talk about it or not, the concept of hell is a part of our faith tradition. For most people, there are more questions about hell than solid answers. Whatever you may know or believe about hell, we hope you will join us for a worship series that will explore this often misunderstood and misused topic of faith.

This worship and small group series begins Sunday, August 13th.

Worship Online or In-Person Here

Series Outline

What do you believe about hell? What led you to those beliefs? What do you really know about the subject and where did you learn it? Join us for this first sermon in an exciting and challenging series that will seek to answer some “burning” questions.

Sure, you’ve heard of hell, but do you really know what it is? Where does your knowledge come from? Join us for a sermon exploring what the Bible says about what hell is. Spoiler alert, it may not be what you’ve always thought.

If hell exists, there must be a reason and purpose for it. In this sermon, we explore three different understandings of what the purpose of hell might be. Each one is supported by scripture. Which one is right? Are they all? Does it even matter?

One of the most debated topics about hell is who’s there. Is it people who don’t believe in Jesus? What about Christians who’ve fallen short? What about those who’ve never heard about Jesus? What if it’s no one at all?

Our last sermon in this series revisits the good news that in the end love will win. We don’t need to be afraid, there will be a place for us in heaven just as Jesus promised.