A bold initiative to embrace 5,000 people in our city by sharing the radical and unconditional love of Jesus.

Can you imagine the impact of 5,000 people all over Louisville living out the love of Christ be embracing people where they are, crossing boundaries, being good news to the poor, and living outrageously generous lives?

Embrace Louisville Mission

Increasing numbers of people have a spiritual hunger that is not being satisfied. Many are hungry for a gospel that is grace-filled, inclusive and open-minded, values diversity, and reflects a commitment to serving our city. We have a bold vision to reach out to 5,000 spiritually hungry people in our city and connect them with our unique message.

We preach and teach the Gospel in a way that will resonate with people that have left traditional religion behind. We offer genuine relationships and unconditional love in a radical welcome. We are not being called to save our city, but to serve our city! We are writing the next chapter in our story – and journeying into our city, crossing boundaries and embracing people where they are.

Accomplishing Our Mission

BE the message

Invest in training our congregation to live out the love of Jesus where they live and work

SHARE the message

Invest in communicating our message outside our walls using the latest technology

MULTIPLY the message

Invest in partnerships within our community to prepare future leaders

Our Progress

The Embrace campaign ended on December 31, 2018. As of January 3rd 2019, our remaining debt balance of around $683,000, down from $3.9 million at the beginning of the Embrace campaign.


Our accelerated debt reduction efforts will significantly improve the future cash flow position of our church, freeing up more money for ministry that would’ve been going to interest, and allowing us to build up some healthier cash reserves. Because of your generosity, we’re able to refinance our remaining debt balance and reduce our monthly mortgage payments by 75%.

Though we’ll continue to accept gifts to Embrace Louisville, we don’t have plans to formally extend the campaign or ask for additional gifts. Our Board is currently pursuing other paths to becoming debt-free, potentially by 2020.

The Board is evaluating options recommended by a special task force put together to pursue future debt elimination. Plans have been set in motion to refinance the remaining debt balance, estimated to be around $683,000 at the end of the year. This approach will improve our short-term cash flow position and re-direct funds once spent on debt service to ministry and missions. Also under consideration is the sale of a 2.5-acre tract of land beside the Blankenbaker entrance at the side of our campus. Proceeds from the land sale (appraised value of $800,000-$900,000) would be applied to the new loan and used to establish a building reserve fund for future maintenance or capital improvements. Congregational Listening Sessions were held on 01/13/19 to discuss exploring this possibility.

Our debt originated in the move to our current site in November 1999, when we relocated from the initial church setting on Old Main Street (where Summit Academy is today). That move was followed by the addition of our children’s wing in 2006 (including a parking lot expansion), creating more room for children to thrive and ministry through our church and preschool to expand.

No – contributions to Embrace Louisville are still welcome as we strive to become debt-free. Gifts to Embrace can be made online at MiddletownChristian.org/give or checks written to MCC with “Embrace Louisville” in memo line.

A church-wide celebration of the Embrace campaign will take place at the Congregational Meeting/Chili Cook-off hosted on Sunday, January 27th, 2019.

Yes – we will continue to receive gifts to Embrace Louisville in 2019. You can extend the payment period or adjust as desired. To adjust your automated giving to Embrace, visit MiddletownChristian.org/give.

If your Embrace balance is zero at the end of the year, your automated giving will be stopped by Sherry Moak, our Church Administrator. For outstanding Embrace pledges, please visit MiddletownChristian.org/give to make any changes to your payments or contact [email protected] for questions or assistance.

Contact Sherry Moak, [email protected] with any questions on your Embrace pledge. Giving statements sent at end of October include contributions to Embrace.

We’re continuing to pray and discern future steps to embrace our city and our Embrace ministry initiatives (such as Buddy Break and The Learning Center) remain a high priority. Our embrace vision points toward reaching 5,000 people in our city and connecting them with our unique message. The church’s response to our debt reduction campaign puts us in a stronger position to respond to God’s call in the future. The Board will be chartering a team in the early part of 2019 to further shape our Embrace efforts. Though the Embrace capital campaign is ending, the ministry piece is not.

Want to Help?

Please consider helping our Embrace Louisville campaign with a generous donation.