A bold initiative to embrace 5,000 people in our city by sharing the radical and unconditional love of Jesus.

Can you imagine the impact of 5,000 people all over Louisville living out the love of Christ be embracing people where they are, crossing boundaries, being good news to the poor, and living outrageously generous lives?

Embrace Louisville Mission

Increasing numbers of people have a spiritual hunger that is not being satisfied. Many are hungry for a gospel that is grace-filled, inclusive and open-minded, values diversity, and reflects a commitment to serving our city. We have a bold vision to reach out to 5,000 spiritually hungry people in our city and connect them with our unique message.

We preach and teach the Gospel in a way that will resonate with people that have left traditional religion behind. We offer genuine relationships and unconditional love in a radical welcome. We are not being called to save our city, but to serve our city! We are writing the next chapter in our story – and journeying into our city, crossing boundaries and embracing people where they are.

Accomplishing Our Mission

BE the message

Invest in training our congregation to live out the love of Jesus where they live and work

SHARE the message

Invest in communicating our message outside our walls using the latest technology

MULTIPLY the message

Invest in partnerships within our community to prepare future leaders

Our Progress

As of August 8 , 2016, Embrace Louisville gifts received have allowed the church to make additional mortgage principal payments totaling $1.5 million. The church’s current mortgage balance has been reduced to $2.2 million. Our congregation has already given nearly half of the Embrace gifts pledged, and this is only Year 1 of our three-year campaign!


The Embrace Louisville initiative encompasses a capital campaign (conducted in the fall of 2015) and is intertwined in our mission, our values, and our marks of discipleship. We took a big step forward last year, receiving commitments to Embrace that totaled just over $3 million. To jump-start our Embrace efforts in 2016, we allocated $71,000 to resource Embrace Louisville.

A Strategy & Implementation Team has partnered with ministry staff to allocate resources and shape plans to carry out the vision of Embrace Louisville and the strategy of Be the Message, Share the Message and Multiply the Message. In 2016 our Embrace efforts have led to the building of a Habitat house, the launch of Buddy Break (a ministry for families and children with special needs), and becoming Louisville’s host site for the Global Leadership Summit.

Advance gifts received in the early phase of the campaign have enabled us to pay down the debt by over $1.5 million (as of June 30, 2016). As proceeds are received from the Embrace Louisville campaign, they are transferred monthly to pay down existing debt, reducing the interest we will pay in the future.

The majority of our debt originated when we moved to this site in 1999. After a rich ministry spanning 163 years in one location, we purchased a 67-acre tract of land and moved to our present site. Part of that original tract was sold to a commercial developer and part was set aside for the development of a senior living community (now called Village East).

At the start of this campaign, our current debt obligation was $3.9 million. As proceeds are received from the Embrace Louisville campaign, they will be transferred monthly to pay down existing debt. Scheduled debt payments will continue to be made over the course of the 3-year campaign as well. Advance gifts received in the early phase of the campaign have enabled us to pay down the existing debt more quickly than we anticipated. Current projections indicate that we’ll be debt free sometime early in 2019.

Commitments to the Embrace campaign will be received through December 2018. You are invited to contribute and consider making a commitment, but you determine the timing and frequency of your contributions. Some people have made one-time gifts to Embrace Louisville. Others are making a longer term commitment, and spreading that gift our over a three year period (campaign runs from January 1, 2016 – December 31, 2018).

Contributions can be made by cash, check, or set up through automated giving. Other forms of contributions can include the transfer of title to marketable stocks, bonds, etc. For questions about the transfer of appreciated assets, contact Sherry Moak, Business Administrator, [email protected] or 245.9793.

Because the Embrace commitment is above and beyond your regular giving, we ask that payments be made separately. Gifts toward Embrace Louisville should be written on separate checks and marked on the memo line. Separate orange envelopes for Embrace Louisville are available in the pew racks for your use. If you’re on online giver, you can also choose to set up a recurring gift. Contributions to the campaign will be tracked separately by our financial team, transferred monthly to pay down our existing debt, and will be reflected separately on your giving statements.

Want to Help?

Please consider helping our Embrace Louisville campaign with a generous donation.