Gimme a Break

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Have you ever had a day when you wish somebody would take your child off your hands so you could have a break? That’s what Middletown Christian does in our new Buddy Break ministry.

We give parents of children with disabilities a break. The children stay with our wonderful volunteers for 3 hours on Saturdays and their parents get 3 hours to care for themselves. We have 35 disabled children and their siblings registered for Buddy Break this fall and 110 volunteers from Middletown and surrounding Louisville who care for the children.

Middletown truly lives out the love of Christ through this ministry. And these families discover a church who embraces Buddy Break families where they are. Read what one mother said about Buddy Break.

Thank you so much for the buddy break program. Although Enrique had a rocky start, he seemed to really enjoy it and asked to come back another day. I’d say that’s about as good an endorsement as any. His brother, Moises, also had a great time and asked to be able to come back as well.

I was really impressed with all of the volunteers–everyone was kind and showed a lot of compassion for Enrique when he was having a hard time, and for me when I was feeling pretty cruddy about leaving him so upset. Please give a special thanks to my boys’ Buddies. Both boys had lots of great things to say about them.

Luz Maria