Don’t let what happened to you, be bigger than what Jesus can do for you.

Good Morning!
I know you’ve been through some hard things. We all have. We all have our share of discouragement, emptiness, and defeat. We’ve all lost people we love. We’ve all had relational reversals. We’ve all floundered in our faith or slipped somewhere on the path. We’ve all fought demons, illness, negative emotions, and pain. We’ve all been let down, had enemies, or made enemies of ourselves. We’ve all had days when we question whether we have the strength to continue. We’ve all wondered where God is in all of this and if God even really cares.
This is not meant to take your problems and shove them to the side, make light of them, or diminish them by comparing them to other people’s situations. This is to let you know that you aren’t alone. It’s also to let you know that there comes a point when you must decide to let go of the past. You’ve got to decide to make peace with it, let it go, and turn toward the future. And that’s because God’s plans for you are in the future. God can make all things beautiful. God can take the mess in your life and turn it into a message.
Believe that it’s never too late to change, to start over, to begin again, to rewrite your future story. Believe, it’s never too late to forgive yourself and others. To let the things that break you make you stronger than if they had never happened to you. Believe, it’s never too late to let hope rise in you.
If God can take a cross, an instrument of terror, and transform it into a symbol of love, then don’t you believe that God can do a new thing in you too? Don’t let what was happened to you, be bigger than what Jesus can do for you.  Open your heart to God and let the hope rise in you.
The message this weekend is When the Past Makes Faith Difficult.
P.S. My Easter message was special to me. Hope Rising: When Life Makes Faith Difficult.  I understand it was impactful in special ways. You can listen to it here.  Consider sharing it on your social media.