Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Image for Don’t Beat Yourself Up

I have a couple of things on my heart this morning. First, I’m a late bloomer. I am just starting to figure some important things out. Things are going so much more smoothly for me, fewer self-inflicted wounds that is, and I’m just generally happier because of it. But I’ve been beating myself up a bit for being such a slow learner, and regretting that I did not know at 35 what I know at 55. So this morning I decided to stop looking back and to just be thankful. I’ve decided that it’s better to be a late bloomer than to never bloom at all, or to bloom early and wilt. I hope this is an encouragement to my fellow late bloomers.

The second thing I’m considering this morning is that just knowing the right thing to do is not a guarantee that you will do it. Proof is found in the mistakes that we make over and over again. You can read everything Dave Ramsey wrote about money and debt but that does not mean anything will change. Information does not always lead to transformation. Something deeper needs to shift inside us. There has to be a change at our core, that part of ourselves that is empty, that only wants to trust in ourselves. The best way to change what’s on the outside is to go to the source of it all. To trust God to do what God can do. Then we bloom and it’s a beautiful thing.