Coffee with Jesus

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What would happen if you were invited to a face-to-face meeting with Jesus? Suppose it was just you and Jesus for an hour, sitting directly across from each other in a coffee shop. What do you think he would say to you?
Do you think he might say…
I’m so disappointed in you.
You have no idea the damage you’ve done to my reputation.
I can’t believe you call yourself a Christian.
You don’t measure up.
If you really loved me, you’d try harder.
Here’s a To-Do list to check off to win my approval.
I’m getting really tired of forgiving the same old sin.
You’re too far gone to be saved.
Were done.
Let’s be honest, many of us carry around a lot of guilt and shame. The idea of sitting down with Jesus just sounds scary. This Sunday I’m going to share with you one of the most beautiful things Jesus ever said. This is the my last Things Jesus Never Said sermon.
See You Sunday,
David Emery