photo for Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones

Have you made one of the most important discoveries in life? The painful things we’d prefer to avoid in our lives can become stepping stones for growth. Most people, myself…

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photo for Anyway


The Paradoxical Commandments were written by Kent Keith when he was a sophomore at Harvard in 1968. In the nearly 50 years since it was published in Keith’s book for…

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photo for How’s Your Ego?

How’s Your Ego?

Robert Gates had the unique opportunity to serve as secretary of defense for both President George Bush and President Barrack Obama. During his distinguished career he worked for eight U.S.

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photo for Fire and Passion

Fire and Passion

I’m really disappointed by a recent development. The company that insures the church called to say that I can’t bring chili Sunday night. They are worried that the church might…

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photo for Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve

Tomorrow night is Christmas Eve. The sanctuary will be full four times with people singing carols, taking communion, and lighting candles. More than any other service through the year, people’s hearts…

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photo for God With Us

God With Us

What does it say about God that he would come as a helpless infant? A baby who could not speak for himself, care for himself or feed himself. A baby…

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photo for More Than an Offering

More Than an Offering

A missionary was invited to preach at my former congregation. His small church was doing amazing work with meager resources. They were housing refugees from El Salvador, supplying an orphanage…

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